Greyrock Mountain Wherigo

Wherigo hiker logoGC5aK2P Greyrock Mountain Wherigo

This was our first 5/5 Wherigo and I believe it lives up to its difficult terrain rating. This cache was placed after a hike that took a group of us about seven hours to complete. We prepared the hide before we left and hauled it up to its final resting place. Then we located each zone which would be the future home of some decently difficult riddles.


We published this Wherigo on 08/18/14 and there wasn’t an FTF until PixelMagic found it on 09/30/14. It is very rare that a geocache goes that long without a finder. In fairness it is a 5/5 Wherigo geocache that requires about a seven hour hike. It also tasks the finder with solving some riddles.

After the first finder, I did add a little ext a help on one of the riddles.

Pixel Magic

Premium Member


Found it Found it

Spent the whole day working on this project. I flubbed the start and had to drive back to Ted’s Place to get the cartridge going. We have not done a ton of these caches so we are still trying to master the software.

I think I may have learned a technique about projecting the waypoints for a WhereIGo on my GPS. Create a new waypoint from the spot where the cartridge worked, not from the previously projected waypoint, otherwise the error is doubled. I needed to check with my phone, because the projection from the previous point was not accurate. I overshot the second stage and had to hike back to get to the right spot.

I needed some language interpretation help from one of the cache owners to complete one of the stages. I think some revised wording will help.

The hike was awesome. It’s been a while since I was up at Greyrock. I love the place. Many great vistas from which to view the surrounding countryside. The trail was slightly wet, but the skies were partly blue and mostly warm. The wind is a force to contend with at certain ridgelines on the mountains. I was glad I brought my wind breaker/ rain jacket.

I used my mophie charging device to give a second wind to my I-phone. If I would not have done so, I would not have been able to compete the cache. I read the note and brought the array of special tools required. Special tools are required.

Thanks to the collaborators on this day long project.


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