Hiking with GeoTom #6

arthurs rock

GC55J40 Hiking with GeoTom #6

This Wherigo is an extension of our Hiking With… series. Unfortunately, the first 5 in this series have been archived. Currently only this Wherigo and a letterbox cache, Hiking with Dad, remain. We hope to extend this series further in the future. Back to this one.


This Wherigo encompasses a moderate hike to the top of Arthur’s Rock. The hike is very scenic and we originally did it with a group of about 7 geocachers. We hiked, ate lunch, and hid a geocache. All in all a great day.

If you head out for this one make sure you are ready to do the hike. The Wherigo is a simple two stage wherigo. You simply need to hike to the top and unlock the location of the geocache.

We always appreciate great logs so we are adding the FTF and the first DNF:

Niblit Sr

Premium Member


Found it Found it

Had to take one last look at the area from Arthur’s Rock before heading out of town….and to finish it up with an FTF is extra special. This is a well hidden cache. Like to do the Wherigos. TFTC SL


Premium Member


Didn't find it Didn’t find it

Well, this story deserves to be told even without a find. Woke up early this morning with this cache on the radar. As the sun was coming up, out the door we went. We figured we had everything covered and grabbed our water, lunch, and gps units and off we went. We get to the starting point and notice somehow our phone was next to dead. That’s ok, we have another GPS at full power, so off on the hike we went. Getting to Auther’s rock was no problem. We powered on the phone to continue the adventure and poof: no problem. Instantly the cords for the final are unlocked. We scribble them down to put into the gps. So far, so good!
Next up is a nice lunch and a bit of relaxing before the hike back out. Everything was going as planned, so we figured with final cords in hand, the use of the phone should be secondary even if it was our WhereIGo player. We continue to the final cords. Then we hit a brick wall. Hummm. Perhaps there was another hint? Fired up the phone long enough for it to gasp for breath before turning itself off. While we are pondering what to do next, a park ranger spots us and takes a bit of interest in what we are doing. ‘Geocaching!’ we respond wondering if we would have to explain ourselves. Nope. He was fully aware of what geocaching is, and even helped up search for a good ten minutes before he was on his way. Nice guy all around! We were going to feel bummed a bit if he came up with the find. No worries on that matter though! We talked ourselves into believing that surely we are missing something with the WhereIGo player and the dead phone. Rather than beg for mercy we decided to take a break, go home, and charge the phone and GPS unit.
A few hours later, and back we come. Make it back to the final – fire up the WhereIGo – and nope. Nada. No more info. Grrrr, we were so sure there would be! Fine, another search it is. We expand our search area to a pretty wide area and finally have to throw in the towel. Must we call the lifeline number? It didn’t feel right without anyone coming up with a find on this one yet. But with the hike behind us, the final cords in hand, and two good searches out of the way – we gave in and called.
Memfis Mafia promptly answered. They understood too well that we didn’t want any kind of hint or clue that would be a dead giveaway. They tried to nudge us in the right direction. Waited out a bit of rain, and made one more search. Sadly even with the hints, we just couldn’t come up with it. Feeling a bit tired after a long day, we decided to throw in the towel. WhereIGo is interesting, but I’ll have to hold my final call on it till we’ve actually completed one. The hike, and experience, and unlocking the final cords all worked out well, even with a Android phone that was next to dead.
Thanks for the experience Memfis Mafia! Looks like the FTF on this one wasn’t meant for us, but we’re happy to take away the memories. We’ll keep an eye on this one.


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