86e58d34-be02-4568-927f-8fa3ec968195This guy is the logo for our expanding Wheristay series of Wherigo geocaches. The idea behind this series is that when cachers are traveling they often want to grab a quick cache near their hotel. It may be that they are moving through the area quick or getting on their plane early.  We have done the same many times when we are catching a red eye flight but still want a quick smiley before we jump on the plane. The only problem is that these quick caches are almost always traditional caches. There is nothing wrong with traditionals but some challenges ask you to get non-traditionals and therefore we hid these. So far we have hidden two. The first, GC57MAJ Wheristay, is in a hotel parking lot in Denver near DIA. The second, GC5F0G1 Wheristay 2, is in a hotel in Colorado Springs for those flying through a little further south. The next will likely be near the Loveland/Ft. Collins airport. These are designed as super quick smileys but they will get you something besides a traditional. Happy hunting.


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