Equally as much fun as finding geocaches is hiding geocaches. It is such a rush out of waiting for that first finder when we put out a cache. We have published several geocaches during our time. Since we like to push the envelope not every one of our cachers has turned out great. That’s ok. It is fun to experiment because when you do put out that cache that starts racking up the favorite points – all of the effort is worth it. We will use this page to list our active geocaches as well as some of our past successes and failures. We hope you enjoy and maybe even get some inspiration – at the bare minimum maybe you can avoid some of our mistakes. We have hidden geocaches of all types but do not have active caches in every category.

traditional new

GCKB75 Gobble Gobble We currently only have one traditional cache that is active and it is actually not one we published. We adopted the cache from another geocacher that decided he was no longer going to play the game. The cache predates our involvement in the game and is currently a precarious location due to construction but we are going to try to keep it alive.

mystery new

The Unknown/Mystery/Challenge is the catch all category for geocaching as the caches can be many different things. We have tried them all and particularly enjoy the newer version of challenge caches. We currently have four active caches in this category each with their own story of how they came about.


GC6Q6MD Mafia Challenge: Jeeping Fun This is a challenge cache requiring finders to have gone after 50 previous caches with the off-road vehicle attribute. We published this cache because we enjoy playing in our Jeep in the mountains of Colorado.


GC6G7CE Mafia Challenge: The Social Traveler This was our first challenge to publish since Geocaching.com re-released them as an option after a long hiatus. In fact, it was published on the first day they were allowed. We had this challenge prepared and waiting for the green light. It speaks to one of our favorite aspects of geocaching and life – travel. We love to travel and meet new people so this seemed like a great way to encourage others to do the same.


🕹 Cache Hunter 🕹 : There are two caches in this series – GC674P4 Cache Hunter: Michigan and GC6BKZ1 Cache Hunter: Canada. This is our first attempt at building a mini geocaching themed video game. The general idea is to play the game and get a code to unlock the final coordinates for the geocache. We are not computer programmers so we used an online builder and the results turned out decent. The game doesn’t run perfectly but it is actually pretty fun and a little challenging. If you want to play the game click on the graphic above.  


Earthcaches are an interesting type of geocache in which there is no container but a geological lesson is required. It takes much more effort to publish an Earthcache as the review process is much more stringent. This is why we have only published four and I’m not sure if we will be brave enough to try for any more.

GC6JFTY Chatfield Wetlands – built on the grounds of GeoWoodstock14er (MEGA)

GC5YQCF A Violent Explosion – part of the Across the Divide GeoTour

GC5F195 Hiking with GeoTom #7 – hike to Arthur’s Rock

GC5X2XJ Hiking with GeoTom #8 – Horsetooth Reservoir

new WIGO

Wherigos are my (Memfis) favorite type of cache because of how varied they can be in their programming. If you have never played a Wherigo, find one nearby and go give one a try. They take a little bit of programming but can provide a much richer experience for the finder. We have published a lot of Wherigos and have helped build even more for groups, events, and other cachers but we currently only have 10 Wherigos that are active.


GC5FEBH Garden of the Gods Wherigo – in Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

GC55J40 Hiking with GeoTom #6 – Hiking Wherigo

Wheristay and Wheristay 2 – Super Quick Wherigos for travelers

GC4X4E7 The Case of the Missing Cat – Wherigo in Massachusetts

GC4X4E8 Geocaching Trivia – Quiz style Wherigo in Tennessee

GC58RC7 Return to Memphis – quiz about our hometown

b565647c-c6b1-41d2-9b8d-b68b2b96e39cGC5A3EY Highest Wherigo in the World – as the name implied this has the highest elevation of any Wherigo in the world and requires a hike to the peaks of two 14ers


GC5AK2P Greyrock Mountain – this is true 5 difficulty and 5 terrain cache that includes a strenuous hike and several field puzzles

GC4X4EA & Ice – this was placed on a hike near another cache named “Fire”