tbThis series of events is exactly what it sounds like – a quick chance to swap Travelbugs. We created this series of events because we wanted to have a way to do a quick bare bones event while traveling. One weekend, I planned to go do my first 5/5 geocache – Wyrmholes with a group of friends. Since I had to spend the night out of town, I decided to do a quick event to meet up with some cachers before starting the fun weekend. That is when I came up with the concept of the first Super Quick TB Exchange. It was a success and 11 people showed up despite it being only 15 minutes long and before 7am.

That was in May. One month later we took a trip to New England. Since the first event worked we thought we would try it out as a travel event. We published the second Super Quick TB Exchange in the hotel lobby we would soon be staying at in Rhode Island. We were nervous, thinking that possibly no one would show up for the event and we would be sitting alone looking like big fat losers. The opposite happened, a dozen cachers showed up and stayed until midnight. We got to meet a brand new crew of cachers and swap a bunch of stories. It was funny to see how different and yet how similar geocachers can be across the country. We decided that night that this series of events would be used again as we travel around the world.

We are at it again, we have a planned road trip coming up so we are going to roll the dice and plan some events in locations we have never visited. This is a driving trip with our newly permitted teenage driver. The road trip should be a blast especially since we are adding a few stops along the way. This time we are going to do a little research and are reaching out to some local cachers ahead of time. However, we are taking a new gamble with this series. We are planning four events in a row. The idea is that we will have a kick off event in Colorado before we leave, collecting some travelbugs to bring with us and exchange along the way.

Super Quick TB Exchange 1 (CO)

This was the first event in the series. It was well attended despite being experimental and really early in the morning.

Super Quick TB Exchange 2 (RI)

This was the first time we tried an event while we were traveling. We hosted this one at the hotel where we were staying in Rhode Island. We met some great people and stayed until late in the night swapping stories. We even launched a few trackables from this event.

Super Quick TB Exchange 3: Mafia Tour Kick Off (CO)

This event was the kickoff of the Mafia Tour 2014 – a multi state road trip to TN undertaken by Memfis and NotBritish. We hosted this one at Taco bell and grabbed a bunch of trackables for our trip.

Super Quick TB Exchange 4: Mafia Tour (TX)

This was our first stop on the tour, in Amarillo TX. We did this one at a restaurant we found online. We took a gamble and it paid off. We had a lot of fun and way too much Mexican food.

Super Quick TB Exchange 5: Mafia Tour (LA)

This event was in Shreveport LA. The attendance was small but we got to meet a cacher we had only talked to online previously. We had a good time.

Super Quick TB Exchange 6: Mafia Tour (TN)

This was the final stop in the Mafia Tour so we had to host this one at one of our favorite restaurants, Gus’ Fried Chicken. At this event, we had a cacher buy our meal. Geocacher are some of the best people.

GC69V65: Super Quick TB Exchange 7 (CO)

This is event will be held at one of our favorite high class restaurants, Taco Bell, with the intention of picking up travel bugs to go wth us to the NorthWest.