Geocache Talk Podcast

Live Show

Memfis joined the Geocache Talk Podcast in 2016 after meeting his co-host Gary Slinkard at GeoWoodstock in Denver, CO. Since then the show has grown to be one of the most successful geocaching podcasts around. The show has developed into a strong community of active geocachers around the world with over 100 people tuning in weekly to participate in the live recording of the show. The show recently reached a new milestone when it broadcasted live from a mega event in Forth Worth, Texas.

On the stage at GeoWoodstock XVII

Recently, the Geocache Talk hosts were invited to participate in a Podcasters, Bloggers and Vloggers panel on the main stage at GeoWoodstock XVII. The discussion topic was media and geocaching. Memfis was happy to participate as a member of the panel as he has always made it his mission to give back to the geocaching community that so kindly adopted his family as one of their own after a cross country move to Colorado. The panel event included questions from the moderator as well as the audience and resulted in bringing the community up and close and personal with geocaching media personalities.